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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 16, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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christie's 2016 strategy. get this, expanding instant replay in major league baseball. the new proposal under consideration and the groups that still need to sign off. this is "way too early." >> all right, gang, ready to rock 'n' rolle? there we go. i had to make sure they were paying attention. i'm thomas roberts in for brian shactman today. it is friday. august 16th. some serious stories to top the news today. the muslim brother hood is calling for a day of anger with anti-coup rallies around the country. more than 600 people reported dead as images of blood soaked streets pour in it, so too does the international backlash against the military. the u.s. has canceled planned war games with egypt. president obamaham very harsh
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words for the new government. >> the united states strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government and security forces. we is deplore violence against civilians. while we want to sustain our 0 relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. nbc news foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin joins us from cairo. it was the deadliest day for egypt since the overthrow of mubarak in 2011. what, if anything, is helping to defuse is the situation especially now since we've had almost 24 hours since the president's words? >> thomas, the short answer is nobody really knows. it is difficult to get anybody to the negotiating table or at least to get them to talk to each other, not about nel national reconciliation but just to try to get the violence to subside. right now, there is a lot of
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angers on the streets among the supporters of the ousted president and those that were killed. four members of the muslim brotherhood and their supporters many of them are going out to the streets today in what they are calling a day of anger to express how they felt over is the how the military and government has handled the situation. there is a tremendous amount of anger and frustration brewing, but on the other hand the government is taking a zero tolerance approach to the attacks that have happened over the course of the last several days against government buildings, churches, police stations. as a result of that, it is ripe for the kind of violence to continue making it nearly impossible for any kind of reconciliation efforts to take place at this moment. >> how accurate is it about some of the reports that the have come out about the pro-more sill groups that are trying to collect arms to be able to stand off any military intervention? >> reporter: well, right now, that is anecdotal evidence. over the course of the last several weeks, supporters of the
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brother hood and even close an pill at-bats of the organization, other organizations have had weapons. evidence has emerged. police officers have been killed. there's no doubt those affiliated with the organization have weapons and have used them against police, military forces. so it is a combustible situation. both sides have reached the brink as many people have said in the past and that is what is making today a very important day but also one with a lot of anxiety across the streets of cairo and the country. >> ayman mohyeldin from cairo. thank you. the nsa's classified spying programs are a little less secret today with new revelations about the thousands of times the privacy rules were broken involving unauthorized surveillance of american sizs. a "washington post" review of the documents provided by edward snowden details a wide array of incidents where they violated the legal authority. some involved computer or training efforts while another involves the violation of a court order that led to the unauthorized use of data of
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thousands of americans. so in one specific case, the secret surveillance court that oversees the nsa only learned about a new collection method after it had been operating for months. in another example, a programming error led to a collection of calls placed from washington, d.c. after mixing up the number with egypt's international dialing code which is 2-0. another operation mixed together american and foreign e-mails. agents were also directed to remove certain details in their reports to the justice department. an official telling it the post because it's a human-run operation, there will be errors adding the number of violations is quite small in relative terms. the rnc will vote this morning on a resolution to boycott debates hosted by cnn and nbc if the networks go ahead with the planned projects on hillary clinton. it echoes chairman reince priebus's claims the programs are tantamount to political ads for the former secretary of state ahead of a potential run
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for president. since nbc announced plans to produce the mini series it has been speculated fox entertainment may be linked to produce that project. it is pretty clear who senator rand paul's most vocal supporter be should he decide to run for president. the kentucky republican's dad, ron paul, already hammering his son's potential competitors, most notably governor chris christie. >> if he were the republican nominee in 2016 is, you wouldn't vote for him? >> no, i wouldn't. i wouldn't do it because he offers nothing, no change, status quo. more big government and that's not what i've been about. he talks about, well, you have to, you know, bend your rules and compromise in order to get elected so you can run the government and govern. there's more to it than that, more to it than just power and to say and do anything you want just to be in government, you have to believe in something and understand economics or you just keep doing the same thing and
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deficits keep running up. >> so according to, christie appeared to take a shot at senator paul yesterday over spending and national security. speaking in boston, he told republican officials we are not a debating society. we're a political operation that needs to win. i'm in the business to win. i think we have folks who believe our job is to be college pro fers. they're fine i guess, being a college professor is, they basically spout out ideas but nobody does anything about them. for ideas to matter we have to win. because if we don't win, we don't governor. if we don't governor all we do is shout into the win. >> the pentagon is rolling out a plan to combat sexual assault. some say it doesn't do enough. defense secretary chuck hagel is pushing measures that prohibit inappropriate relationships between instructors and troops and calling for better advocacy for victims. right now only the victims can
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be transferred. with an estimated 26,000 cases of sex is assault in 2012 alone, many lawmakers want investigations handled outside the chain of command to ensure accountability. anthony weiner's free fall shows no sign of slowing down. according to the latest poll lis support cratering when earlier this summer you recall he led the pack. bill de blasio's star is on the rise. now, in the event of a runoff, de blasio leads quinn by seven points. he had doubled his support among african-americans. an ad seeks to highlight his connections within the community. >> i want to tell you a little bit about bill de blasio. he's the only democrat with the guts to the really break from the bloomberg years, the only one who raise taxes on the rich to fund early childhood and after school programs. he's got the boldest plan to build affordable housing and
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will end a stop and frisk era. bill de blasio will be a mayor for every new yorker no matter where they live or what they look like. >> to the west coast now, in san diego, the number of women accusing bob filner of unwanted advances has now risen to 16. among them peggy shannon, a 67-year-old great grandmother who parks part time at the senior citizens services desk. she spoke publicly for the first time last night. >> on the day that mayor filner grabbed me and kissed me, i was so surprised. i went home and cried. i just felt so sad. on the day that mayor filner came by my desk and asked me if i thought he could go eight hours in one night, i was shocked that he would say that to me. >> so despite the widespread calls for him to resign and a recall position, mayor filner has said so far he's staying put, even going so far to say as your mayor, i am committed to
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moving san diego forward. good news to talk about from the labor department rattled the markets yesterday. the dowel fell more than 225 points. cnbc's geoff cutmore live for us in london. talk what we can expect for today as we close out the week. >> this is the worst looking week we've had for the u.s. indices for some time. some head scratching going on. how will it play out today? we have a weak tone in europe. the ftse off about .2 of 1% and we're flattish as far as the futures for the u.s. open. so there is the possibility that if we can get some confidence back into equities we might see the u.s. indices turn positive for a friday close. but it's all to play for as these rkt mas get into action. just a few hours from now. so let's move you on. there's another fascinating story. a lot of interest around apple and this new iphone that's going to be launched we think on the 10 n of september. the thing about the phone is it
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will have the new qualcomm chips in. but what it means is that they could now do a deal with china mobile, the world's largest carrier because it allows them to get on to a number of different chooz networks. watch out for that story. could be a real game-changer for china and for apple in china if they can get that deal inked. back to you. >> jeff, speaking of game-changer, brief us what's going on with sony and the deal with viacom. >> this is a real watershed story for the cable and satellite industry. you know, the business that you and i work in and make our livelihood. if this deal goes through, and then it means that nick loadon and mtv suddenly had i start appearing on internet tv, all those cable companies have to start rethinking the competition from internet television. do they sign partnerships very quickly and hope to old hold onto the revenue or do they continue to fight and then sony
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and viacom get a head start. this is a facenating is change but it's a very, very interesting deal for the market as far as sony and viacom are concerned. >> i get paidny starbucks iced coffee and yogurts. that's about it. >> wow. you do better than i do. i do this for free. >> you're a much better man than i am. still ahead on "way too early," oprah stops by andy cohen and gets a call from her biggest fan. and more instant replay could be on its way to major league baseball. and as long as we're rule changes, we want to know how would you change the game. tweet us your best suggestions using theherent way too early. best answers get on the show later in the hour. that story and a check on the weather when way too early comes right back.
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elvis presley died today. he was 42. apparently it was a heart attack. he was found at his home in memphis not breathing. his road manager tried to revive him. he failed. a hospital tried to revive him. it failed.
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it's time for sports and listen to this because there could be a major rule change in store for baseball. bud selig plans to expand the video r review process starting next season giving managers one challenge over the first six innings of the game and two from the seventh inning on. the league needs three quarters of owners to approve the plan as well as the players association and the umpires union. we move on to highlights for you. pirates and cards battling it out for the top. pittsburgh trailing 5-4 when russell martin drills a solo homer to tie it. this one goes to extras.
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say bye-bye. bottom of the 12th, the cards matt holliday with runners on first and third. a single up the middle and st. louis now only two games behind the pirates. take a look at this, a line drive to oakland shortstop eric so guard puts it more than just the ball, look at that. look at that. you know? yeah. he's earned his money that day. so pegs him in the leg there. the a's take a 5-0 win. we'll just keep that on a loop. to tampa where a special guest joined the rays in the clubhouse before their game, a 20-foot python named asia. apparently this is how the manager joe madden keeps the team loose by telling them i'm going to constrict you. you know? python. yeah. see, you got the joke. big mike, you know. the rays went to beat the mariners, 7-1. the red sox lost to the jays, tampa bay is now only two games
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behind boston in the a.l. east. look at that thing. how about some little league action for you? panama, puerto rico in the opening round of the littleal league world series. puerto rico's pitcher unleashes a nasty curveball that almost sends the batter off his feet. look at that. nope. core strength. don't do it. okay. >> it was a ball. it was a strike. >> look, it goes back into the zone. panama wins, 9-4. >> people are giving the kid a hard time. >> got to engage the core. to the nfl, it may be preseason but they're not taking it easy. bears and chargers, rookie jonathan bostick drills the receiver. knocking the ball loose to make an incomplete pass. yeah. good thing they wear helmets, right? finally, it looks like football has come to l.a. arena football that is. it announced an expansion team that's going to go to a group that includes kiss band members gene simmons, paul stanley. the team called the l.a. kiss.
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they're going to be playing in march at the honda center in anaheim. season tickets start at 99 bucks and include a free kiss concert. nbc meteorologist bill karins is first in line for that. >> i would go to the kiss concert. >> i remember when i would see them on variety shows as a kiss, they scared the hell out of me. >> you didn't want to dress up and stick your tongue out? >> no, they scared me. they had flames flying behind them and the face stuff and the big boots. >> i know what you're going to do for halloween this year? >> what's that? going to be an l.a. kiss football player. >> kiss outfit, makeup. this weekend, we're looking really nice, the exception being the southeast. unfortunately, it can loos like your dreary summer is going to continue. showers out through central georgia and south carolina. as we go throughout the weekend, periods of heavy rain. it's not going to pour all weekend. there will be wet weather out there. in the gulf of mexico, we're still watching the area of
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disturb turned weather near the yucatan. it will send a lot of tropical moisture up through the southeast. we have the potential for 3 to 6 inches of rain over the next three-day period. kind of a gloomy weekend. atlanta you'll be lucky to get into the 80s with a lot of clouds and periods of rain. atlanta has been cooling this summer than areas like new york city and philadelphia. so the northern half of the country, by the way, i mean, this is still gorgeous. low humidity, warm afternoons with sunshine. that continues right through the weekend. so thomas, i mean, enjoy it. next week, by the way, for the whole northern half of the country, upper 80s, near 90s. this little break from summer is going to be over with. >> i love this. i really like this a lot. as long as if next week, no humidity? >> it will be back. >> so we'll enjoy this while we've got it. coming up on "morning joe," president obama says the nsa is playing by the rules but a new report says otherwise. what they mean for the president's credibility.
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when we come back right here, we huddle around the water cooler. a wedding videographer gets creative. i stand by kiss scared the hell out of me as a kid. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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so at the top of the show, we talked about president obama canceling joint military exercises with egypt. if you want to sound smart today, you can tell your friends the exercises began in 1980 as part of the camp david accords and occur every two years. since then the u.s. canceled twice, once in 2003 to due to the demands of the wars in iraq and afghanistan and again in 2011 following the removal of former egyptian president hosni mubarak. we we can in with louis now to find out what's making the rounds. >> it feels so good. fresh off her appearance on "morning joe," oprah went over to visit andy cohen at watch what happens live". none funnier than when oprah's biggest fan called into the show. >> what's your name and from where are you calling? >> this is mickey brian from cosby, tennessee. >> what's your question? >> thank you so much for taking my call. hi, oprah. >> hi, tennessee.
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>> hello. i love you so much, oprah. i can't even believe i'm talking to you right now. speaking for everyone i know, we love you. >> oh, thank you. >> my question is actually for andy. andy, i know, i know. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. i apologize. i apologize. >> andy cohen, big footing oprah. wow. now, let's head over to some late night stephen colbert an interesting take on the obama rodeo clown controversy. take a look. >> i quit going to rodeos. every president is always made fun of. this is the height of achievement to be made fun of by the rodeo clown is actually success. this is a big deal. you have made it. >> exactly. >> i mean, nobel peace prize, eh. first black president, what evs. there is no higher honor than
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having a clown run around a dirt arena wearing a grotesque mask of your face while the announcer asks the crowd who wants to see this guy trampled. >> wedding season is coming up. jimmy kimmel apparently is scouting creative videographers. take a look. >> a wedding vidgrapher i guess wanted to try something different and attached a video camera to a remote controlled helicopter. i don't know why he did this, but here's how it turned out. >> there's the guy who did it, upside down. >> oh, man. i don't know what to say about that. so you know what we're going to do, head over to china where zoos are a little different than what you're used to probably seeing here in the states. the sign on the cage here reads african lion but it's not a lion. what gave it away? it started barking.
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you may not be able to see it from this photo but it's actually a dog. to be more specific, it's a tibetan mastiff, which is a really popular dog in china. this wasn't the only bogus exhibit at the zoo. they mislabeled the white fox and leopard stand and another dog in a wolf pen. pretty sure kids of almost age are going to know that a dog is not a lion. so there had better be good ice cream and real stuffed animals at that zoo in china. >> this compares to when i went to tijuana many moons ago when i could party and they pained a donkey to look like a zebra. and you could get your picture taken with it for a dollar. it was good stuff. >> i hope we can find that picture in the roberts' archives. >> i will break out the polaroids. louis, thanks, buddy. still ahead, if you could change the rules of baseball, what would you do? your best most creative tweets coming up, "morning joe" just moments away. you think you take off all your make-up before bed.
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you if you could change the rules of baseball, what would you do? it natalie has some of your responses. >> jason said bring back morgan na, the kissing bandit. that was actually al entertainer who would rush and would kiss m baseball players. >> i remember that. yeah. and that's where hooters inspired their outfits from. do you see that? and they have lived very well into this day. so that's going to do it for "way too early." thanks for joining us. "morning joe" starts right now. hey, good morning. it's friday, august 16th. as you look at new york. it's going to be a nice day. the last couple days, as nice of weather as we've had in august which means it's going to be -- look at that. thank you, chopper 4. it t.j., do we have our own chopper? wait a second. we don't even have our own lights in the studio. >> no, they're working. >> the lights are working


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